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IT Carlow Clubs & Societies

Clubs and Societies

With over 70 clubs and societies available, IT Carlow offers our full and part-time students the opportunity to make new friends with similar interests and experience college life to the full.

The recreational sports clubs at IT Carlow provide opportunities for physical activity and friendship. A large percentage of the 40-plus sports clubs offer activities for the recreational user. Informal activities, such as karting, zumba, pilates, hip hop, yoga and salsa are hugely popular, as are special interest classes, such as airsoft, archery and rock climbing.

Our societies offer opportunities to get involved in activities that range from advocacy to arts, top table gaming to music.  With over 25 societies, you can choose from a vast array of activities including: African Caribbean Soc., Christian Union, Cultural Shake-Up, DJ Society, Euroavia, Engineers without Borders, LGBTQ+, Law Society, and many more.

If you have an interest in an area not currently catered for, we will work with you to help you start up a new society.

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