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Can I take a virtual tour of the campus?

Yes you can! You can take a virtual tour of the Carlow campus, see what the Wexford campus has to offer, enjoy a preview tour of the new South Sports Campus, and take a look around Carlow town – all from the comfort of your chair! Simply click on the links below. We hope you enjoy them.

IT Carlow Campus Tour    South Sports Campus    Wexford Campus    Campus Northern Quarter

I’m looking at my CAO application and I’m not sure what to pick.

Don’t worry. Use this time to focus on selecting the course, or courses, that you are most interested in and place these in genuine order of preference. Remember, you have until 1st July to make up your mind. Explore this site with an open mind. Give yourself time to look at our various faculties; listen to our students tell their own stories and use the opportunity of the Live Q&A to ask our experts any queries you have. They are here to help. After this, you should find it easier to make an informed choice about the best course for you. We wish you the best of luck.

What is the difference between a Level 8 and a Level 7 degree?

A Level 8 is an honours bachelor degree, usually requiring four years of study. A Level 7 is a bachelor degree that takes three years to complete. Depending on the course, suitably qualified graduates can progress from a Level 7 to a Level 8 by completing one extra year of study.

Do I need to submit a portfolio for Architectural Technology?

No, there is no portfolio requirement to gain entry to this course. However, you need to satisfy the following minimum entry requirements of two H5 and four O6/H7 for the Level 8, and five O6/H7 for the Level 7. Your Leaving Certificate subjects must include Maths and either English or Irish for both degree courses.

What are the CAO points for Mechanical Engineering?

This year, the Round 1 CAO points for Mechanical Engineering (CW548) were 321. To view the CAO points for this, and other courses, click on the following link.

What will happen if I do not get the H4 in Maths for Civil Engineering?

You could choose Level 7 Civil Engineering (CW427), as there is no honours maths requirement for this course. Please make sure to include this course on your CAO form before Change of Mind. Another option is to undertake the second chance maths exam we run after the Leaving Cert results are issued that allows potential students a second chance to sit IT Carlow’s own maths exam. We take the resulting grade into account instead of the Leaving Cert maths result and this is another potential route into your course.

View 2020 CAO Points »

Why are there no points for Sports Management and Coaching?

There are a number of additional requirements for this course, as the points are a combination of one’s Leaving Cert results, a portfolio and an interview. Applicants to this course may also be invited to do a skills test or trial.

Do I need honours maths to study a computing course?

No, there is no requirement for honours maths for any computing courses at IT Carlow. However, applicants need to be comfortable and confident in their maths ability, as maths and programming are two modules all first years must study on our computing courses.

What does the term ‘Common Entry’ mean?

This allows a student time to explore a general area, i.e. business or science and get a taster for a number of different streams, before choosing one area of specialism for the rest of the course.

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